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Student Testimonials

Trudi Bament

I can thoroughly recommend the workshops just the right amount of information for me to learn new skills & have plenty to go away & work on until the next one! I also love the fact that we do some serious learning in a fun environment & I have made some great friends from attending courses with like minded people!

Moira Dixon

The atmosphere is always so friendly and relaxed that Chance and I both love our visits whether this is for a playday, workshop, course or just to hire the facilities and play on our own. Both Liz and Sean and Liz's mum Peta and the working students go out of their way to help you make the most of your visit.

As Parelli professionals Liz and Sean make sure they know what your goals are and work with you and your horse to reach them in a fun and safe way. There is always something new to learn and the opportunity to hone the skills you have. I feel very lucky to have the Coleman Savvy Centre so close by.

Debbie Saunders

Two years ago I became aware of Parelli and was lucky enough to live close enough to the Coleman Savvy Centre that I could attend the wide variety of training /workshops/ clinics/ play days that Liz and Sean offer. It is an amazing facility, indoor and outdoor arenas, round pen and a large savvy park( playground) . The longer courses are excellent as you really get time without distractions to progress yourself and your horse. It's a perfect learning environment. Many of the students on the courses stay on site and so it is great to be able to spend the evenings with like minded people reflecting on your day. There is usually a BBQ mid week which is great fun, with plenty of laughs .....

Angela Taylor

Can't speak too highly of the course I attended at the Coleman Savvy Centre. Top class teaching delivered in an intuitive way with plenty of fun thrown in for good measure. Liz and Sean's facilities are excellent and the atmosphere is welcoming and inclusive. I made great progress towards my personal horsemanship goals and I will certainly be attending more courses in the future.

Carole Ryan

Rizzi and I attended our first week long course with Liz and Sean in June this year, I must say with some trepidation. Wow! can't believe what a fabulous time we had. Learned so much about myself, my horse and our relationship and how to improve on what we already had, with some amazing results. Sean and Liz are brimming with enthusiasm to share their wealth of knowledge and really want their students to get on and do well and continually improve with their horses. Their encouragement and support is second to none, they fill you with the incentive and confidence to go home with a great plan to really move forward with your horsemanship. Already booked on another course - can't wait

Tracey and Becca Fountain

We were first introduced to the Coleman Savvy Centre August 2015. My 9yr old daughter & her 5yr old pony had been struggling for 9 months, napping, baulking, etc, we tried everything! She couldn't handle him from the ground, nothing nasty he just saw her as play time! Sean Coleman changed the pony, our out look & way of working in the first two hours. Since then her confidence has come back, pony is more relaxed they are enjoying one another again. This kid hated having 1\2 hour riding lesson, buts looks forward to her 2hr lesson with Sean. We was made so welcome, lovely, friendly and helpful people, we have not looked back & will continue with Sean & Liz. Thank you guys so much

Jodi Bament

Having had time to reflect on the week I spent with you guys I've realised just how much information, new knowledge and skills I now have. The week was so much fun, It was so nice to make new like minded friends on such a friendly and relaxed course. The week was really all about setting us up for sucess and getting closer to our personal goals when we returned home. The week pushed me just enough to find a new level of learning and think about how I interact with my horses. I have so many new things to play with now I am home and your words often echo in my ear as I'm playing. I now feel I'm starting to solve a few problems I've had for a long time that will help us progress further in the programme. I am now using today to set myself up for tomorrow. Thankyou both so much, can't wait to come and spend time with you again

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