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What separates Applied Horsemanship from others is Sean's unique approach to teaching horse owners to effectively understand and communicate with their horses. Sean has developed a system that will show you how to become a better horseman, a better rider and develop a Smart, Athletic and Capable Horse. The program is laid out into levels and modules, as you progress through each module there is a theory section, videos for all exercises and a sequential pathway to follow. The modules are laid out this way to give you a clear understanding of WHAT to do, HOW to do it and most importantly WHY.
This is a concept based training program that relates to all horses regardless of your level, discipline or focus. What you put in is what you get out, apply yourself and you will reach your potential. The Applied Horsemanship Program is designed around what Sean refers to as the Progress Pyramid. Horsemanship first to develop a good understanding of horses and to build a solid foundation of communication. Gymnastic Training second to become a refined and effective rider and to learn the pathway to develop your horse as an athlete. Performance third to give you and your horse a goal, to give meaning to you training and to become a good ambassador for great horsemanship

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The first 3 levels focus on your ability to understand horses, build a partnership and become an effective horseman.


The essential skills for all horse owners.

Learn how your horse thinks, build a language on the ground, develop a connection at liberty and teach your horse the essential building blocks for communication under saddle


Expand your Horsemanship.

Fundamentals are about applying horse behaviour to your training. Teach your horse to be a great learner on the ground, build a dialogue at liberty, gain more connection and learn to use purpose to reinforce your riding essentials


Become a Skilled Horseman and take your partnership to the next level.

Increase your horse's responsibilities.

Develop your feel and timing in the saddle, and refine the purity of all gaits with true connection.

Expand your ability to apply psychology to all areas of your partnership and increase your awareness by isolating you’re riding aids. Sensitivity is key, refine your communication to a suggestion and allow your horse to exceed expectations.

These are the final skills you will need to ride with Contact and Refinement


Understand the biomechanics of the horse, become a refined and effective rider, develop your horse as an athlete


Become a refined and effective rider.

You have developed a great partnership with your horse now we will give you the knowledge, understanding and riding ability to develop your horse's body.

Physical development is about longevity and enabling the horse to be athletic and sound. You are preparing your horses body to perform. You will utilize your solid foundation of communication and learn the key skills to riding with contact, suppleness and lightness to your aids. The goal is higher levels of balance, engagement and synergy. This is the opportunity to become the rider your horse needs you to be.We are aiming for our horses to be healthier, stronger, live longer and not just survive but thrive with you.


Develop your horse as an athlete and ride like never before!

Experience what it feels like to ride a horse that is a true athlete.Transform your horse's ability. Teach them to

increase loading capacity on their hind quarters. Develop thrust, engagement and collection. Learn to balance and rebalance seamlessly through all transitions and advanced maneuvers.

You will learn the key exercises to developing your horse's strength, power, performance, and ability to sustain true self carriage.The synergy you will create in this final piece will enable you and your horse to truly become one!


Be passionate, test your partnership, give meaning to your training and be a great ambassador for good horsemanship



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